By this point, 50 years ago, we thought there would be flying cars and robots catering to our every whim. It looks like we were partly right, with the algorithm ruling all social media exposure! Before jumping headfirst into the new year, let’s reflect on some of our accomplishments of last year.


In June, we celebrated our fifth anniversary! That’s So Creative was born out of a heart to serve businesses to help them grow. Creative Director Cj Harris left her full-time job and started a creative agency in 2016; as a wife and mother, she took the leap of faith. Read more about TSC creative journey here; everything we do is a leap of faith!


At the beginning of 2021, we had the honor to redesign and rebrand the historic Chicago landmark and the epicenter of South-Side Black art, the South Side Community Art Centers (SSCAC) website! To view the redesigned website, visit

As a black-owned and women-owned business, we jumped at the opportunity to work for a center founded by the well-known Black community organizer, teacher, and artist Dr. Margaret Taylor Burroughs. Dr. Burroughs paved the way for African-American artists to thrive and learn. Eighty years later, her uplifting cultural impact is still felt!



In May, we participated in Small Business Week by supporting other businesses and sharing tips on how you, the consumer, can help your favorite/or local small business. 

Here are short snippets of those tips for 2022:

  1. Follow your favorite local businesses on social media and tag them in your photos when you go; exposure for small businesses is great!
  2. oOt out of buying through franchises when you can and shop locally instead.
  3. Donate to your favorite small businesses. If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot!
  4. Offer your services or collaborate if you can.
  5.  Write Reviews! 

We want to hear from you; leave a review.


That’s So Creative took on an informative production project and had the pleasure to collaborate with Cook County to produce the “Together We Thrive” video. 

The Cook County COVID-19 Recovery Small Business Assistance Program is a collaborative effort of the County and various nonprofit and philanthropic partners to help small businesses impacted by the pandemic.

#TogetherWeThrive – Cook County COVID-19 Recovery Small Business Assistance Program from That’s So Creative on Vimeo.

In the video, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is featured with business owners affected by the pandemic and received assistance and the Business Service Organizations that helped them!

The Together We Thrive campaign brought together a robust community of entrepreneurs, government officials, and creative agencies to support businesses owners through an unparalleled set of business challenges last year. 

There is still more to come this year, so stay tuned!


TSC Brand Ignitor LogoAs part of our dedicated efforts to help small businesses, in June 2021, we launched our Brand Ignitor program, designed to help newly established small businesses to alleviate some of the growing pains that are often faced when just starting. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of brand strategy, design, website creation, and marketing for you! Learn more and get started! 


In July, we launched a new website and branding for Maranan Cleaning Services’ small business! We guided them through clarifying their services and messaging, creating a visual identity, using mockups to define the user experience, writing the website copy, and using tools to begin online marketing.


Looking Forward to New Adventures!


At the end of the year, we brought on a new asset to TSC, the Ignitor Shop. Our merch line provides inspiration and creative fuel for all those “taking the leap of faith” to pursue new endeavors. Whether running and business or leading at a higher level, we know if not easy–but worth it!

TSC Ignitor Shop

Happy Black History and Futures Month!

Black History Month is a time of reflection and celebration. Celebration of black people everywhere. It’s a reminder of the hard-fought battles of our ancestors for freedom and equality. “People should talk about the progress and contribution that black culture and blackness have had worldwide. It should be a celebration of black contributions from America, Africa, Brazil, etc. There should also be a critical discussion of the misappropriation and trauma that has plagued humans for just being black in the world and how to amend that while growing as a collective with empathy leading the way”, Cassie McNeill, our Marketing Coordinator, offered.

However, the conversation must move from equality to equity. Equity is a trending buzzword, but what does it mean? How do we act out equity…read more here!

black history month