That’s So Creative provided branding, website design, and strategy services to the launch of the Kita Organics Shea Butter brand.

Kita Organics shea butter was developed by founder, Rekita Evans–a holistic integrative health nutrition coach. She is the owner of Kita Health and Wellness and CEO of Kita Organics LLC.  She affirmatively believes that individuals can embrace the beauty of life through alternative healing, determination, and healthy routine practices.

The brand was born out Rekita’s struggle with suffering from several critical health concerns from chronic allergies, weight gain to depression that affected her overall quality of life. Her constant health struggles led her to understand that the core of health and wellbeing is a two-fold approach through supplementation and routine.

Kita Organics shea butter has healing properties that help soften skin, reduce inflammation, moisturize, replenish, reduce stretch marks, fade scars and improve the skin’s elasticity. Their natural shea butter helps enhance your beautiful glow and soft shine to your skin.


Our process included a discovery session where we uncovered the key goals of the brand to emphasize:

  1. Organic: No chemicals, no processed ingredients
  2. Ghana, Africa roots and ingredients
  3. The mission of the brand to educate and empower people to discover natural ways to take care of their body

We choose bold, rich afrocentric colors and patterns for a premium yet natural feel.

“That’s So Creative helped me understand different ways to better brand my business. They had great customer service, patience, understanding. That’s So Creative’s team was knowledgeable, and helpful in coming up with creative ideas to better enhance and promote my brand. I appreciated the years of experience, professionalism, and passion they have in helping business owners grow.”

Rekita Evans

Founder, Kita Organics, LLC