Hemp Heals Body Shop is a Chicago-based women-owned company that provides premium and luxurious CBD bath and body products. Their mission is to improve lives to be pain-free, to regain mobility and independence with the benefits that come with CBD.

Their Story

Hemp Heals started when Tiffany Joi, the CEO and founder, started looking for something to help her mother, 70 years old at the time, who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis & Fibromyalgia. She was experiencing excruciating pain and an inability to sleep after multiple surgeries. Our client strived to relieve her mother’s pain with no side effects. After experimenting with many different options, Tiffany finally ventured to Denver to educate herself on CBD. The creams, salves, balms, and other CBD bath and body products worked. Tiffany’s mother found the CBD Salve to be the most effective in relieving her pain. Thus, Hemp Heals was born. Tiffany committed from then on to create her own CBD Pain Relief Salve, not just for her family but other individuals whose loved ones were suffering from chronic pain.


Hemp Heals Body Shop faces a barrier where the effects of CBD are still misunderstood and most are still skeptical about its benefits. Our team worked with Tiffany to combat these challenges through educational and informative messaging and a revamped graphic design throughout their email marketing — e-newsletters and blasts. Our goal to maintain Hemp Heals’ brand positioning as luxurious and premium-quality CBD bath and body products while also giving it a new engaging feel was accomplished.

“Their graphic design team is the BEST! They did an AMAZING job creating my monthly eblast! Love em'”, said Tiffany Joi, the CEO and Founder of Hemp Heals Body Shop.


The communication efforts our team implemented ensured that the look and feel of spa-like, zen, and relaxation as the client requested were met. Our e-newsletters and blasts that were sent out to Hemp Heals’ audience, resulted in the highest open rate in the past year of 33.70% and healthy consistent growth of total clicks contributing to Hemp Heals’ website traffic and sales.





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