Need some helpful tips to up your mood while working from home? We’ve got you covered!


1. Create your power workstation

This is where you get your motivation. Cater to it! If you need a super comfy chair, photos of your vacations, or an incense burner to help calm your nerves… GET IT, AND USE IT.


2. Control your setting

If you need complete silence when working or just having you time, then require it. If you like the sounds of a buzzing city to get you into motivation mode, open your windows or find some ambient city music, and blast it! This is your space. Control it.


3. You don’t have to show yourself every day

Say it with me, Zoom fatigue is REAL. If you find yourself being overly self-critical of your physical attributes, you may need to take a break from looking at yourself on camera all day. Turn your camera off when you have calls. No one is going to be upset, especially if you give others the option to do so, as well.


4. NO is your friend

Feeling like people are showing up to your calls late because of “connectivity issues” or that your call that is supposed to end at 12:35 p.m. always goes to 1:00 p.m.?

Set boundaries for yourself. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you live at work. Let people know how you feel, ex: “No, unfortunately, I need to leave at this time,” or “No, if we can’t be on time, then I would rather change the communication channel to email or the time we meet.”


5. Treat YO self

So what you can’t go to your favorite lunch spot? Bring the restaurant to you! Order your meal or make yourself a set up near a window where you can make it your own cafe or dinner spot. STOP eating at your desk. If you wouldn’t want to do it in person at your workplace, you shouldn’t do it now.

via GIPH

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