One way to kickstart any project is to define where we are and then decide where we want to be. Annisaa Rahmaatillah, our Brand and Marketing Specialist here at That’s So Creative, helps the team with defining the north star and picking the right lane for the project. What does that mean, exactly? Well, let’s get to know her more and her day-to-day work at one of the top creative agencies in Chicago.

1. What is your main role at That’s So Creative?
I’m a Brand and Marketing Specialist. My work usually revolves around market research, communication strategy, and digital marketing tactics.

2. How long have you been working in Branding and Marketing?
It’s been about 5 years. My career path started in 2018, the first time I worked in digital marketing — search engine optimization, paid digital advertising, email marketing, and social media. Next, I started working on strategic brand communication when I enrolled in graduate school in 2020 and a little bit of UX design since joining That’s So Creative in 2021.

3. What does a typical day look like for you as a Brand and Marketing Specialist?
It varies, and the only thing that stays the same is feeding my cat breakfast at 7 AM sharp. If you own a cat, you know you don’t want to be late for the breakfast. My cat, in particular, can get very hangry and start pawing my leg for attention. After that, it depends: the workday may start with a workout, a cup of coffee, or going straight to screens. Work usually starts with checking ClickUp, prioritizing deliverables that need to be done soon, not forgetting to check and answer Slack messages and emails. My day usually ends with having dinner with media on the TV… and feeding my cat dinner because I shouldn’t miss that either.

4. What is your favorite project so far working with That’s So Creative?
My favorite project with That’s So Creative so far is creating a wireframe for a virtual art exhibition. The scope was challenging, and the work had to be done in a short time frame, and yet, I had the most fun. Despite the volume of content that needed to be included on one web page, I managed to select, prioritize, and organize what needed to be shown first and last, and to do it all fast. I saw the opportunity to work with that client as an honor given that the project involved art history, paintings, and sculptures done by well-known African-American artists in the LGBTQ community.

5. What has your experience been with That’s So Creative’s company culture?
At That’s So Creative, I feel that my work is always appreciated and recognized. Everyone on the team is very friendly and supportive to one another. Another huge plus is also they are one of the most fun groups of people I have ever worked with.

6. How have you grown professionally while on our team?
My biggest area of growth has definitely been learning to communicate effectively. There was one time I had to collaborate with a designer to create an e-newsletter. It was challenging to communicate my vision with only words (plus the language barrier from my end) so I decided to create a very simplified version, even simpler than a mockup, of the newsletter. That’s how I started getting into wireframing and UX design.

7. As a Brand and Marketing Specialist, what is your go-to tool? Why?
Sticky notes! I always have them around and you should, too. It is easy for me to overthink things and that causes me to forget the initial ideas so putting my thoughts on a piece of paper helps a lot. Sticky notes also come in handy when in a meeting or when researching as my work usually involves a lot of deducing and defining patterns.

8. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
During the pandemic, I picked up quite a few hobbies — cooking, taking care of house plants, a little bit of painting, sewing, and drawing on Procreate. However, now after the pandemic is sort of over, I’m all about taking long strolls downtown and seeing live shows and music festivals.

9. What’s your workplace motto?
Do it the best way. Don’t spray and pray — always measure the effectiveness of your effort and learn from it.

Coming up with marketing strategies and tactics can get a bit overwhelming especially when you’re doing it by yourself. If you are interested in working with a brand marketing specialist like Annisaa, let us know! Sign up for a free 20-minute design consultation or check out our services that might fit your business needs.

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