Throughout history, women have, unfortunately, been a second thought even though we have had our hands in many, if not all, pots. Together, we’ve built empires, families, legacies and more, all while improving our self-worth and meeting our own needs. Many have coined this decade, 2020-2029, the decade of the women.


We want to kick off this Women’s History Month with a celebration of those who are constantly pushing the boundaries on what a woman can do. At That’s So Creative, we make it our mission to seek creative and innovative people, and many are women leading and creating positive change in their communities. We have been fortunate enough to work with many industry thought leaders such as the ones below.


Dr. Colleen Cira

Dr. Colleen Cira is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Nationally Recognized Trauma Expert, and the Founder and Executive Director of both Cira Center for Behavioral Health, PC (CCBH), and Cira Center Consulting, LLC (CCC). CCBH is a group practice with locations in Chicago and Oak Park that serves the age and gender spectrum and specializes in Trauma and Womxn’s Issues/Health.


CCC is a Consulting Agency that strives to: 1) Help healthcare professionals create their own private practice and 2) Help therapists become more trauma-informed in their clinical practice.

Not only is Dr. Colleen a total superstar, but she also has a mission to uplift other womxn alongside her!


“I spent so much of my life working in systems that were built by men to work for men with huge emphasis on productivity, competitiveness, individualism and a lack of emotion, and I was so sick of it. I wanted to create a workplace that treated the employees and clients alike with more compassion and acknowledged their humanity. And that’s what Cira Center for Behavioral Health is.” – Dr. Colleen Cira


Dr. Colleen believes that womxn are truly diverse in what we take on and that we deserve recognition in all areas. “We wear so many hats — we are daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, friends, business owners — and while it’s certainly not easy, we get sh*t done. And that is really incredible!”


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Karen Fleshman

Karen Fleshman is the Co-founder and COO of Haskins Advisory Group, a GS1 Standards and Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID), consulting and managed services company based in Chicago, IL. She is a technology heavyweight, having managed multiple implementation and technology support operations for several Fortune 500 companies, such as Procter and Gamble, Unilever Practiv, and the Kraft Heinz brand.


Fleshman began her career before modern-day technology became a necessity and before the use of pens, typewriters, filing cabinets and adding machines became outdated. Additionally, at the time, “there were more [people of color] and women in technology,” she stated.


“I could anticipate the trajectory of business, but I had no idea how technology would change our personal lives so profoundly. It is a blessing to be in this industry and to be a part of this revolution,” Fleshman said. As she progressed in her career and pursued a computer science degree, her industry changed, too. Peers who she identified with started to dwindle as they pursued other endeavors. “I stayed because I saw the magic in [technology],” she said. She recognized that the field she was in was changing business forever.


In addition to her leadership in technology and creating her own company, Fleshman is a member of many prestigious organizations, including Loyola University Chicago’s Black Alumni Association, Black Women in Science and Engineering (BWISE), Healthcare Businesswomen Association (HBA), Loyola University Chicago’s Supply Value Sustainability Center, University of Chicago’s Polsky Entrepreneur Center, Network of Executive Women (NEW), and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).


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Angie D. Lee


“Changing the lives of the youth every day and expanding the minds of readers.”


Angie D. Lee Author & Licensed Social WorkerAngie D. Lee is a licensed social worker for Chicago Public Schools and the author of the fictional lifestyle and romance novels such as Discovering Lita and Something New.


She wrote Discovering Lita as a reaction to reading “boring, unrelatable” women’s fiction books. Her inspiration not only came from the one and only trailblazer Toni Morrison but also from the need to write a piece of work that the modern woman could identify with. Lee said, “The quote by Toni Morrison popped into my head, ‘If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.'” Lee knew then that she couldn’t deny it any longer, and thus, Something New and Discovering Lita came to be!


Lee strongly encourages future authors to “observe and read books by great authors in order to learn the basics,” but emphasizes creating YOUR own style, as well as practice, practice, practice. “If you want to provide an enjoyable experience for your readers, you have to practice. You have to invest time and give them your best work. Don’t worry about agents, publishers, editors, book covers, etc. until you are writing regularly,” Lee said.


Lee, familiar with the time-consuming journey of becoming an author, encourages people to speak on what they are writing while still in the process, in order to cultivate a following early. “Whether you are interested in becoming a traditionally and/or self-published author, you will need to have a platform. It doesn’t make sense to have spent quality time and money on writing a phenomenal book if no one knows your book exists.”


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Check Out Her Books: Something New & Discovering Lita





Monica L. Boyd

“There is nothing wrong in loving you as a Woman and serving alongside your peers in uniform.”



Military veteran Monica Boyd founded the company The Military Diva — a platform designed to showcase the amazing experiences and life lessons women in uniform are exposed to. During her service, she recognized a repetitive, troubling trend of a misconception of women across all branches that they can’t “cut it” when it comes to serving their country in uniform. She was bothered by the unnecessary harsh judgment she witnessed when women weren’t adhering to the “Standard” of the military.



These experiences inspired Monica to talk to women of all branches to get their stories. “I love to hear the journey of all my Sisters-in-Arms, from those who served in World War II to the Iraqi War.” The Military Diva platform highlights the joys and pains of balancing family, career, and self-image. Monica desires to uplift, and she encourages all of her Sisters-in-Arms, as well as women who support them behind the scenes, “women have the right to walk away feeling proud of their Military journey as well as their service to this Country without having to think that they will lose themselves in the process.”



By highlighting and celebrating every woman’s journey in her Military career, Monica is also inspired to help all Soldiers understand budget and Military pay. “As a leader in the finance world, it is amazing to be able to help those in need and point them in the right direction financially,” she said. In addition, Monica also facilitates The Military Diva Spa Weekend Retreat to help strengthen the bond of Sisters in the Military!



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The Military Diva:



We are so grateful that we have had the privilege to work with such impactful thought leaders at That’s So Creative!
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