No one brings energy to meetings as Gia does! Please let us introduce you to Giavonni Downing, our Marketing and Account Manager here at That’s So Creative Media. We are happy to have Gia on our team as she brings her expertise in effective communications, project management, and creative marketing strategy to the table. Read more to get to know her better and to learn how she manages her day-to-day work at That’s So Creative Media.

1. What is your main role at That’s So Creative?

I am the Marketing and Accounts Manager. I work to ensure all client deliverables are met on or ahead of schedule. I cultivate relationships with clients as we navigate their projects. Marketing is a critical component of any business. I help business owners connect the dots and truly connect and appeal to their target audience. I work with our team to implement creative marketing strategies that truly support the goals of our clients.

2. How long have you been working in your field?

Whew!!! My professional work experience spans over 15 years. I’ve managed teams in the corporate, government, and small business space. I’ve worked on international experiential marketing campaigns and have created marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. I enjoy exercising my leadership skills and passion to bring the best out of others.

3. What does a typical day look like for you as a Marketing and Account Manager?

I wake up, meditate, pray, and practice stillness around 6 AM. I work out around 7 AM (running, biking, yoga, or strength training). I recently started taking the train (yay!) to our office in the South Loop. I like to start work around 9 AM. I usually start by reviewing my calendar to make sure I am prepared for all meetings. After that, I set a goal for what I want to accomplish during the day, then Ready, Set, Go, and I move forward and make it happen.

4. What is your favorite project so far working with That’s So Creative?

OOOH, this question is tough!! Each client is unique and presents new opportunities for us to execute and grow as a team. But, if I need to select a favorite project, it would be one of our newest projects. We are doing rebranding, marketing strategy, and a website refresh.

5. What has your experience been with That’s So Creative’s company culture?

That’s So Creative champion diversity. Our team is diverse and everyone truly respects and values one another’s differences. Our Creative Director leads with transparency, respect, and passion. I love the way we all have space to approach work with passion, use our strengths to determine how we work, and embody teamwork.

Giavonni Downing Marketing and Account Manager That's So Creative Media Creative Agency in Chicago

6. How have you grown professionally while on our team?

I am stretching and learning aspects of web design.

7. As a Marketing and Account Manager, what is your go-to tool? Why?

My calendar and I am finally starting to fall in love with ClickUp!!!

8. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Okay, here is my list of favorite things: Biking, cooking, yoga (I enjoy the quiet time and the mind, body, and spirit connection), strength training (I am highly competitive with myself, lol. I like to be challenged and I like pushing myself), conversation (I recently was on the phone for 8 hours, yes 8 hours, with my best friend of 30+ years. We talked about politics, travel, wellness, and everything under the sun.), live music, dancing (I would love to be on Dancing with the Stars), reading (non-fiction), and being outdoors (There is nothing like breathing fresh air, watching trees blow, and listening to the sounds of waves crashing.)

9. What’s your workplace motto?

Passion + Productivity = Impact. My goal in work and life is to make a positive impact on the people in my circle of influence. At work, specifically, I want to make a positive impact on my team and the clients I serve. I only do work that I am passionate about. I push myself to be as productive as possible. These are my keys to success.

Every day we strive to connect ideas to results and we understand that it is not an easy thing to do all alone. Are you in need of a brand and/or design refresh? Or, have you been thinking about working with a communication and marketing expert like Giovanni? Sign up for a free 20-minute design consultation or check out our services that might fit your needs.

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